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September 2021

Bloomberg: To Reach Vaccine Holdouts, Scientists Take a Page From Digital Marketing

Speaking to Kristen Brown of Bloomberg, Dr. Thomson said: “We should be valuing and investing in public trust as much as we value and invest in vaccines. Because without any public trust, there’s no public immunity.”

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June 2021

El Pais: Un nuevo método para vacunar contra los bulos

“En estos tiempos en que impera una mayor ansiedad e incertidumbre, la gente tiene muchas preguntas y preocupaciones perfectamente razonables sobre las vacunas. Y no podemos abordar sus dudas si primero no las entendemos”, explica Angus Thomson

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January 2021

VICE: Western Anti-Vaxxers Are Undermining COVID Vaccine Rollouts in African Countries

Dr. Thomson spoke to Hannah Ritchie of VICE World News. “We regularly detect deliberately engineered misinformation from international vaccine-critical accounts in online conversations in Africa,” said Angus Thomson

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