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October 2023

Call-to-Action: Countries in the Middle East Region must act now to increase influenza immunization rates and protect the vulnerable.

A multidisciplinary group of subject matter experts analysed the reasons for suboptimal influenza immunization rates across the Middle East region using a methodology based upon the 6As taxonomy of determinants of vaccine uptake.
They then identified targeted actions that countries could take to better protect their vulnerable populations against the influenza virus with vaccination.
Organised by MENA-ISN and Irimi, the findings of the workshop were distilled into a Call-to-Action which is here in English, Arabic and French.

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July 2022

UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti. What is driving parental/caregiver decisions to vaccinate children against #covid19?

In a guest editorial for the UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti COVID thematic quarterly digest Dr. Thomson, Benjamin Hickler and Stephen Hills reviewed some of the key evidence. Dr. Thomson highlighted the Protection Motivation Theory which may explain some vaccine decision making.

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July 2022

Compte-rendu des Rencontres Francophones : « Hésitation vaccinale et préparation aux futures pandémies »

Dr. Thomson a participé dans une concertation dans le cadre de la 75e session de l’Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, la Représentation de l’OIF auprès des Offices des Nations unies à Genève et à Vienne (RPGV) avec des ministres de la Santé de l’espace francophone, notamment ceux du Bénin, du Congo, de la Côte d’Ivoire, de Djibouti du Tchad, du Togo et de la Tunisie.

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February 2016

The 5As: A practical taxonomy for the determinants of vaccine uptake.

We validated an intuitive, pragmatic taxonomy for the determinants of vaccine uptake which facilitates mutual understanding of root causes of poor uptake.

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